What is Catanya?

Catanya is an advanced VSTi Pattern Arpeggiator with recordable Midi Output and easy DAW integration containing 1200 built-in ready to use patterns suitable for every musician or producer who likes to spice up his compositions.

What is so unique about this new Arpeggiator?
Catanya does not use old-fashioned Arp-Standards like Up, Down, Random but is capable of transforming simple chords into complex midi phrases in real time with no effort using it’s unique pattern technology. It integrates seamlessly into DAWs like Cubase, Ableton Live, Sonar, FL Studio.

What is this new Pattern technology?
The Pattern technology is the essential element. Particular presets are patterns at the same time. You Play a simple chord and the selected pattern accordingly creates MIDI track with bassline ,higher notes and groove. You can fully program patterns or select one of the 1200 built in patterns which come in various music and instrument styles. The Output is MIDI standard and can be sent to your favourite synthesizer or sampler.



  • Catanya is good for all. It allows them to combine preset patterns and quickly receive MIDI tracks.
  • Catanya is ideal for the live musicians. It allows to design original riffs for them (but not only for them)
  • Create compositionally rich backing tracks to your songs.
  • Create professional tracks for the instruments which you are not familiar with.
  • Compose songs at style which is not “yours” – for brass band fan it is not problem to make techno song when necessary.
  • You don’t need to create a track. You need just your chord progression (you have it mostly), then hang-up our plugin, join a syntesizer/sampler and let the VST plugin auto-create the track.

New in version 2

  • x64 Windows support
  • New GUI
  • New preset system
  • Save/Load custom preset patterns


  • Music Phrase VST Arpeggiator plug-in
  • Fully editable patterns
  • Multiple instances
  • 1200 built-in patterns in various genres, styles, rhythms, instruments and tempos
  • Easy to use Pattern Browser
  • Recordable MIDI output for further manipulation
  • Applicable with any VSTi plugin or external HW synthesizer (via DAW’s midi out)
  • Unique AI Random functions generating unique velocity Groove
  • Realtime velocity spread
  • Supports Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper, FL Studio, Mackie Tracktion, NI Kore 2, EnergyXT etc.

Catanya MIDI routing setup in Steinberg Cubase

1. Open VST Instrument Rack

2. In rack tap on first position and choose Catanya Plugin

3. In next dialog window tap on Create button

4. In Catanya application tap on Browse button for choosing Your preset

5. Choose Category, take some preset You want and than close Catanya window

6. Tap Your mouse right button below Catanya track, from context menu tap on “Add Instrument Track” and choose your Favorite VST Instrument. Same like this you can add VST Instrument in VST Instrument Rack like in step 2 in this tutorial.

7. In this second track set “Catanya Midi Out” as MIDI IN

8. In this second track set Monitor Button to “ON”

9. Add some chords in Catanya track and Play

Catanya MIDI routing setup in Ableton Live

1. Create two MIDI tracks. First with Catanya and second with your favorite VST Instrument.

2. Open Catanya Plugin, tap on Browse and choose some preset.

3. Tap on Show In/Out Section button.

4. On second track switch Input Type to Catanya.

5. On this track switch Input Channel to Catanya.

6. Switch Monitoring to In.

7. On first track with Catanya add some chords and Play. For recording of MIDI Out from Catanya turn on record button on second track and then Ableton Live Record.

Catanya MIDI routing setup in FL Studio

1. Add Catanya Plugin

2. In Catanya window click on tab Browse and choose some preset

3. In top part of Catanya window tp on button named Wrapping Settings

4. Set Output port to 1

5. Same way add your favorite VST Instrument. Warning: FL Studio not support setting ports of internal FL Studio plugins, only in VST

6. Again tap on Wrapping Settings button

7. And set Input port to 1. You can also use another number of port, but remember it must be same like number of port in Catanya. For the reason if You want use more instances of catanya plugin.

8. Tap with right mouse button on Catanya track, in context menu, swtch to Piano Roll mode

9. Add some chords and Play

Warning: FL Studio not support internal MIDI recording. (You can write to Image Line for this feature :D )

Catanya MIDI routing setup in Reaper

1. Create new track

2. In this track tap on first Insert FX position and add Catanya Plugin

3. In Catanya window click on Tab Browse and choose some preset

4. Tap on second Insert FX position and add your favorie VST Instrument

5. Like on this image

6. In track create MIDI Clip (Menu > Insert > New MIDI Item), in this clip create some chords and Play

MIDI Rendering/Recording

7. In Mixer Window tap with right mouse button on second VST Instrument and from context menu choose Bypass FX

8. Tap with right mouse buttonon MIDI Clip with chords and from context menu choose ‘Apply track FX as new take (MIDI Out)’

9. This will create new take with output from Catanya plugin

Catanya MIDI routing setup in Cakewalk Sonar

1. In Instrument Rack window tap on Instert Synth button

2. From menu choose Catanya

3. In next dialog window check ‘Enable MIDI Output’

4. Open Catanya plugin, click on tab Browse and choose some preset

5. Same way add track with Your Favorite VST Instrument

6. In second track switch option setting to ‘I/O’

7. Tap on MIDI Input setting (Omni)

8. From menu choose ‘Catanya 1 > MIDI Omni’

9. In first track (Catanya) add some chords

10. In second track switch Input Echo button to On and Sonar Play. For recording MIDI Out from Catanya switch record button on second track and then Sonar Record

Catanya MIDI routing setup in Presonus Studio One

Create two tracks. First with Catanya and second with Your favorite VST instrument
1. Drag & Drop Catanya Plugin into timeline

2. Drag & Drop your favorie VST Instrument into timeline

3. Open Catanya window, click on tab Browse a choose some preset

4. In second track set as Input Catanya

5. In first track (Catanya) create MIDI Clip and add some chords

6. In secondtrack turn on Monitor button and press Studio One Play. For recording of MIDI Out from Catanya turn on record button on second track and than Studio One Record

Download Demo
Download Demo Version

Buy Full Version
Full Version Of Catanya2: €45

Buy Update
Update From Catanya version 1: €25

x86/x64 Windows XP/Vista/7/8
VSTi Host Application
Low latency soundcard (less then 10ms for high precission timing recommended)